1. ArcaBoard Hoverboard Really Does Hover (over any surface)


Perhaps have pressure sensors to detect weight of persons feet on hoverboard. Two modes (perhaps selectable by a watch you can wear). One mode, "optimize balance" and "maintain current speed and direction" - if your weight is even on both feet, then no change, if the back foot weight is greater, then it is going too fast and needs to slow down a bit in order for you to maintain balance, so it acts to move as such in order to "keep you balanced". The second mode, "targeted movement", would be where it starts to accelerate slowly in the forward direction and to change toward the left or right (moving its front pointing direction) if you want to go left or right (when you shift your weight to the left, right, front, back indicating that kind of change). I wonder whether it's possible to combine the two modes into one mode? The equations for controlling quadcopters might apply except there are many rotors so it's more complex. Can it detect whether it is moving over concrete, grass, water, etc by the forces applied to act towards slowing each of the rotors as they try to spin?

2. More Ideas