Some ideas I have thought of, that you may be interested in:

  1. More websites that provide live collaboration capability for various skills. For example Codebunk.com provides a shared programming code editor and compiler to run your programs for 26 different programming languages. However it only supports presently, text languages, not Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), asp.net web design, it would be good to have a virtual computer providing a visual studio application for which the keyboard and mouse are controlled by multiple people in the room - whoever wants to click the button to take control while everyone else watches. So it can be possible to help tutor students in the collaborative environment including using microsoft visual studio community edition - anyone that uses the website would get a shared (within your group) virtual computer with whatever software they select they want to use for collaboration - this could be digital art creation software like artrage, a computer programming Integrated Desktop Environment (IDE) like the free Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition, even the ability to create short videos of people in the room using their web cameras and then join them together into a downloadable acting video creation - in fact everything created needs to be downloadable by all participants and the tutor (who is effectively just another participant). All desktop PC software needs to be supported to run on the virtual computer webpage. However the cloud should not replace desktop software, it can be in addition to it, in fact, running desktop PC software on a virtual computer is an easy way to make it into a web/internet cloud offering, and people can then take the things made in the cloud and download the project onto their home computer to use the software on their desktop PC. Furthermore, such websites need to have the capability to provide you with interested students who want to learn. So, as a volunteer, I can go to a virtual computer cloud collaboration software provider website and either provide the link I am provided with for my session, to people I know to join in, or click a button to find me interested students who want to learn about that particular skill right now and be tutored/taught by me as a volunteer right then and there, whenever I happen to login there would always be students looking for free help from somewhere in the world. By having the website find you interested students, gets around the problem of me having skills but not knowing who needs my help with them. Not only is it a learning environment, it can also be used for job interview testing, and for workplace collaborations. The system could even be downloaded and installed onto a local network for local hosting of collaborations only within the workplace network, useful for large corporations that want collaborations occuring within their organization but their offices could be distributed in various locations and so virtual computer collaboration systems will be useful. Even engineering is possible such as PSpice electronics design software could be used for teaching with, there could even be built in tutorials available for students and tutors to work through together and the tutor can help the student to work through the tutorial in the online collaboration workspace. Skype would be used for voice chat so that the tutor and student can talk during the session, and it would be recorded so that tutor and student can refer back to previous sessions whenever they are offline and want to look through what has been done in the past for example to prepare reports or for the tutor to develop feedback on the sessions for the student or to improve teaching strategies, or for the student to be able to review what was said, in the future.
  2. All online websites to have the ability to download your data and history. For example chat websites to have ability to download your chat history with the name of the person and chat messages with the date and time of each. Also ability to download any publically available data for example websites to search for friends you can download the entire website of public profiles data in microsoft access (or excel) format - if it is too big to download then it might just be a filtered subset that is downloaded, depending on filter/search parameters such as to search and download friends profiles who live in your suburb. This means that it will be possible to more easily work offline with this information when needed. This can also include websites for meeting business contacts for me to do volunteer work working with them for my businesses, to retrieve and download business contacts information easily for multiple contacts with a simple click. For example plaxo claims to be able to locate and fill in updated contact details into your outlook from just a list of emails using publically available information. Facebook you can download your the data they store about you such as chat history (and timeline posts?). All activities need to have a downloadable history because keeping track of information history can be done in order to improve - just like when you want to improve on financial things you keep a budget and keep track of finances and transactions. All information online needs a downloadable history of transactions, chats, profiles viewed, contact details, source code modifications for computer programmers, etc. All software needs to be available as an offline version (ie installable desktop software) as well as an online version with collaboration capability where multiple people can edit it at the same time and see the changes each are doing happen before their eyes.
  3. More opportunities for volunteer and unpaid work in society. Firstly, a business structure called free-outputs, a bit like not-for-profit except that all the business outputs are given away for free (however the recipient businesses or persons can use them for profit), the business does not have any income coming in except from me, I own all the business assets, I am the only one that puts money into the business occasionally, and the business makes use of volunteers and/or low paid staff. This could perhaps be a charity not-for-profit sole-trader business. For example people in the business could create artworks which are then given to a gallery for free, the gallery could then make money from them without paying us (in fact they could even have a cost to display/exhibit them). Digital artworks (or any business created items including documents and reports) which are created for the business by anyone would be able to be used by myself and anyone that works for the business for noncommercial (not for profit) purposes only. Only people and companies who are not doing paid or volunteer work for the business would be able to make money from the business outputs. Secondly all jobs - graduate programs, jobs through a job agency, full time, part time, casual, graduate programs, etc, should be available as a volunteer as an option if someone wants that. This is so that people such as myself who are unable to do paid work, can still have a career with as many opportunities as are available to people in paid work but as a volunteer (unpaid). Also as many as possible jobs should be available as work from home or a combination partly work from home except for occasional meetings in the office. This allows people to avoid travel time that is unnecessary with todays internet technology. Perhaps also coworking spaces could be available in various suburbs just like there are shopping centres in many suburbs, and businesses could make use of these coworking spaces to hire a desk in the suburbs that each of their employees works, distributed, so that people can work close to home. This would reduce travel costs and reduce traffic congestion. Coworkings spaces could even have available many closed office rooms (like a room in a house) with a desk and computer already in it rather than open spaces, depending on peoples preferences.
  4. Raised area on dance floor of a club or nightclub, so that people can be on different levels, created by a gradual slope all around it leading up to the raised circular platform region, instead of a step up to a platform which is harder to enter and leave while dancing
  5. Donation box in every job agency and every company and government department entrance, as well as them publishing their donations bank bsb and account number on their webpage, so if people want to they can donate
  6. There is a plugin for firefox internet browser that remaps the colours of a webpage to other colours. Thunderbird Email, Firefox browser, etc could have a colour remap plugin that has presets designed for colourblind or for seniors. See color-transform plugin for firefox and color-that-site plugin for firefox and color-transform plugin for thunderbird
  7. SpaceX rockets instead of trying to land back onto earth again such as onto a ship using rocket propulsion from the bottom, instead it could have propellors like a quadcopter for landing on earth. See SpaceX Rocket
  8. Mobile app for conveying directions from a director to the musicians to create live music with soundpainting instructions from the director who uses their laptop from anywhere in the world and can hear the band live streaming and recording. Because they are written instructions that appear on the musicians mobiles or tablets or ipad, it will not be necessary to learn a visual sign language such as how soundpainting is usually done
  9. As you know, mass attracts to other mass, by the gravitational law of physics. I think that's why we have gravity. But what I was thinking is that if you could make an extremely dense object (high amount of mass packed into a small space, like with a black hole), or even two of them, on your spaceship, then it might provide a force between them that could cause propulsion. I was even thinking if you can focus the gravitational waves then you could have one in space orbit and one on the ground, and then cause them to attract to each other thus causing the craft to move from the ground into space.
  10. Could make a mobile app for pictionary with description of the card text, and a picture sketch (small file) (iphone, android, windows phone 7)
  11. Could have a product search tablet at end of one row in supermarket. to search for items by name and it shows which row it's in and which end of the row (or middle).
  12. Shopping trolley with built in scanner to keep a total of purchases
  13. Computer program to do an image to image math map, multiply by sine wave as goes up in x or y coordinate. what would this do to the image?
  14. Freeware business name generator software. freeware business ideas generator software
  15. Shop device transfers receipt for purchase to mobile app, later transferred to pc, option still available for a printed receipt
  16. Online web based repair of video files such as xvid ".avi" files (option to download software for offline use but not required)
  17. Track where patients and staff are in mental health building with rf (radiofrequency) wristbands triangulate and calibrate to known locations (aim for centimeter accuracy, gps wouldn't be accurate enough)
  18. Maybe if you video or audio record every social (friends) event that involves someone autistic, then they take home the video and watch it and it could help them improve?
  19. Photography tours of canberra
  20. 3d printers could lay down non stick filler in some regions for support that is later removed
  21. E-book physical shop? How would people look at the e-books there so they can decide if they want to buy it, how would they receive the item (eg gives you a receipt with an email link on it and code number to type in, when you get home)
  22. Mass mp3 kbps (quality) change utility, decreases only, all to new amount, saves each file as a new filename with its new kbps added to the end of the filename eg mysong.mp3 becomes mysong_128kbps.mp3
  23. Presentation format that can be played on a desktop pc that contains audio and powerpoint or presi slides along with information linking them (when in the audio should it change to the next slide). This would be good for universities to avoid the need for large video files when only a powerpoint and audio and information relating the two, is necessary. Decreasing the quality of a video is not a good option because it makes the slides hard to read.
  24. Spherical or cylindrical lens and lcd sensor for taking panoramic video or photos
  25. Scanners in public libraries with a preview screen built in to the scanner, that you can insert a usb stick to save the scans, without requiring a computer attached to the scanner
  26. Many speakers in roof of music quality throughout venue or club for hearing a live band or dj at even volumes (not to soft or loud) everywhere
  27. Get-together with a dj and audience, people sitting in a theatre with dj and speakers/sound system down front, people bring mp3s on their usb sticks and say a bit about it for everyone before it's played
  28. Save gps coordinates in photos taken with mobile
  29. Aircraft runway that the ground moves, like an escalator
  30. Mobiles currently are available with a thermal Imaging camera built-in like the Cat S60 from catphones.com, and in future it may be possible to have a camera that captures an image containing information of multiple frequency spectrums in separate layers that can be mixed later into a final image, perhaps there may be a whole grid of cameras on the back of the camera with different filters built in over them, or perhaps just one camera on a mobile and a glass material could have different voltages applied to it that change its filtering properties to let through different frequencies to the camera below it, or to shift left or right the frequency range that reaches the camera, and a whole sequence of such various-frequency-captures will be done very quickly to complete the capture of multiple layers in an image that can be mixed together later or extracted into individual frequency captures - just like we have multitrack recording for musicians, there will be simultaneous multi-frequency captures of photography images.
  31. Different weight categories (ranges) for beauty contests and models, so that overweight people can compete against others in their weight range
  32. Withdrawing money eftpos or debit mastercard could send an sms confirmation to your phone before doing the transaction, if a new shop you haven't bought something from before
  33. usb fm radio - channel changed via pc software - already exists, but could have one where the sound goes into the computer through usb and comes out through the soundcard or any specified PC output - ie the usb radio would have a built in sound card for input only from itself
  34. A "Bluetooth mic" (or wireless bluetooth headset) could be useful for recording sound when I talk that is added to a video taken by my mobile (or a video camera), which could be some distance from the sound source. The question is, can you get multiple bluetooth headsets and add the sound from them all to the mix, in order to pick up multiple actors talking? Or even, to save multiple separate audio files one for each person as well as the video itself (& even a bluetooth stereo mic device option???)
  35. Do cats only hear meows from humans and everyone? To a cat, does every sound, sound like a meow?